Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Songs We Sing

The Songs We Sing

The songs we sing are part of all
The songs that course through ages.
They carry laughter, sighs and tears –
And wisdom from the sages.

So when you hear the singing in
The forest, then you know
The song could be an ancient one
That’s still in sparkling flow.
And every song that we create
Or think we do has roots
In all the songs that came before –
With ours, the latest shoots…

And if, perchance, the songs we make
Have essences that last,
They’ll still be there, in some refrain,
When you and I are past.

2015 January 11th, Sun. 10:31 am
Brooklyn, New York

For a translation into Bengali, please see:

Je Gan Gai - যে গান গাই

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