Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Such a Night

On Such a Night
On such a night, with moonbeams gliding
Through the windows, we
Lay side by side, as scents of rose
And jasmine mingled free.

Now once again, we see that moon,
And a sky that's filled with stars.
The flowers in their vases swoon,
And men still wage their wars.

One by one, the flowers die,
And so do we, my love.
But see -- this moon that rises, sets,
These stars that shine above.

Though one by one, the flowers droop,
Whose scents and colors fade,
On every morn, the sun will rise
And there'll be light and shade.

When you and I are memory,
A dim, receding spark,
The sun and moon and stars will whirl
Through skies of light and dark.

The clouds that race on surging winds,
The mists that rise at dawn,
Our brethren, these, will rise and race
When you and I are gone.

And when our memories have passed
Away like drifting mist,
Then lovers new will witness still
Such nights, by moonlight kissed.

And in their turn, the sun and moon
And stars will pass away,
And long before, this life on Earth,
As fleeting as the day.

But yet, on a planet distant, where
The moons may number three,
Such beings still will rise and mate
As equal you and me.

Babui / Arjun
2010 December 4th, Sat.
On Such a Night--II