Tuesday, January 13, 2015


When your nights are crazed – and your mind’s on fire,
When your days are mad – and you race,
When you’re robbed of wit and of all desire,
Then you’ll know the name of that place.
You’ve been told of a hell in the afterlife,
And for some, that’s a subject of mirth.
But whether it’s there or not, you can see
We have fashioned our hells on this Earth.
When you’re caught in the battle, you will kill or be killed,
For that is the plight of us humans.
We are soldiers who slaughter, and our leaders can say,
“We have turned them, as needed, to demons.”
You’ll be sent to a school or be trained for a war,
And they both are the sides of the same.
You’ll be robbed of your freedom. You’ll toil or you’ll fight,
And you won’t be aware of the shame.
There are wars that we humans endure.  And we die,
But the wars of our tribes do not end.
We are drudges who work, till we sicken and die.
But the lines to the mills do not end.

Is it Lucifer then who has led us to this,
Is it Satan, who's conquered the world?
So our hearts have been asking, since pharaohs arose
And we men, in the furnace, were hurled.

The pyramids rise in the south and the north,
The ziggurats, towers and domes.
And we humans are tamed and are rendered as slaves
In the Shenzhens and Cairos and Romes.
There are snares that we set for the bird and the beast,
There are snares that we set for our kind.
In the lands of the west and the lands of the east,
They can capture your body and mind.
There are hells on this Earth that we humans have made,
In the battlefield, factory and mine.
And we work and we fight, till we’re worn or we’re dead.
There are more, who are waiting in line...
And your fortune or wit could have saved you from this,
Or have given you leases of years.
But the traps have been baited and prisons prepared
For the labors of sweat and of tears.
If you’re looking for peace, you should exit fast,
For you’ll stay at the risk of your soul.
And the longer you stay, the more of your bits
You will need to rejoin, to be whole.
When the mind is at peace, then the body is freed
From the toil or the fight that’s the trap.
So it’s peace that’s denied to the mind, as the slave
Who’s been captured is smeared with the crap.
It’s the loss of your freedom that leads to the grave,
Before you have lived of your life.
It’s the captives who labor, so their captors can say
They have profited much from the strife.

With our children corrupted, with innocence lost,
With the adults complicit in this,
Can we sleep in the nights, can we breathe in the days
And pretend that the future is bliss?
2015 January 5th, Mon. 4:04 am
(stanzas added January 13th, Tue. 2:01 am

and January 17th, Sat. 8:35 am)
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York


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