Tuesday, December 23, 2014

To Our Children

To Our Children
Do tell us, oh daughter, you'll try to be kind
To the ones who need kindness the most.
And tell us, oh son, that you'll dare to stand up
To the persons who bully and boast.
But no!  Do not tell us or try to console
Your parents, who ask for these things.
But listen to conscience and do as it says.
Like angels, you then will have wings.

But know, on this Earth, there is evil and so
The path of the virtues is steep.
But stay on that path and you’ll find that it leads
To a place that is high and yet deep.
We’ll tell you, oh daughter, there's joy that you'll find,
But your woes, you will weather as well.
We’ll tell you, oh son, there are strengths that you'll have,
But your weakness, you’ll treasure as well.
For know that your sorrows will give you your depth,
So your joys will be deeper in turn.
And know that your failings will give you your heart,
So to handle your strengths, you will learn.
Be humble, oh children, for hubris has caused
All manner of ills on this Earth.
Your parents are glad they were given the chance
To give, to such children, their birth.
“But where is our daughter and where is our son?
Alas, for we never had any!”
Oh hush, my dear spouse!  Of children, we’ve none.
And yet, you can see, we have many.



2014 December 22nd, Mon.
Brooklyn, New York

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