Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year’s Blessings?

New Year’s Blessings?
You ask for this, you ask for that.
I’ll intercede for you
With Her, who grants our wishes if
She thinks that they are due.
The New Year comes.  I wish you peace –
The peace and joy of heaven.
That doesn’t mean you first should die –
Let's hope you'll still be living.
I wish you that, which neither health
Nor all your friends can give.
That doesn’t mean you should be sick
Or friendless, though you live.
I wish you treasure, such as neither
Wealth nor wit can buy.
That doesn’t mean you should be poor
Or witless, ere you die.
And even more, I’d wish for you,
But She, who scans each line,
Has warned me, “Cease! Such blessings as
You give, the wise decline!”
So I should end my wishes here,
Except perhaps to note
That if you asked for happiness,
Then that would get my vote.
2014 December 31, Wed.
Brooklyn, New York

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