Monday, December 22, 2014

To Fight or Live the Lie

To Fight or Live the Lie
When among the ones of narrow vision,
It’s better not to tell them all you see.
When among the insincere, your own
Sincerity should also hidden be.
And when you find, around you, hardened hearts,
It might be wise to shield your kindness then.
For sadly, sight and diligence and heart
Are often scorned by women and by men.
Among the simpler folk, less cynical,
You still will find the treasured virtues old.
But in the places where it’s dog-eat-dog,
The shameless shysters rule, with bullies bold.
Beware such places – and avoid these types,
If you’re the remnant kind that still is nice – 
For if you cannot play their game, what then?
I wish that I could offer you advice.
The world in which we live is difficult,
With separation, maiming, poverty –
With famines, floods, with ailment, age and death.
But then there’s evil – and there’s property.
The wars we see around the world and here,
With weapons both of armaments and words –
They all derive from human illnesses
That turn what's precious, vital, into turds.
We mortals can endure what Nature wreaks,
For we are born for that.  We struggle, die –
Or live to mourn – and yet, in time, to smile.
But we’re not built to fight or live the lie.
For you could argue, state your facts and more.
What use is it, against the lies imposed?
The more you work, the more you try, you’ll find
Yourself entrapped, when eyes and hearts are closed.
For circumstance can alter even those
Of disposition kinder, who reflect –
But in their office, as so many do,
To those "above" them tend to genuflect.
Do they believe the things that they enforce –
The ones who’ve clearly chosen to obey?
Perhaps they do.  Forgive them, if you can,
And quietly go upon your chosen way.
The hierarchies they climb imprison all.
There’s time for talk – and time to simply be.
Avoid the places where the falsehoods reign
And shun the ones who simply will not see.
But if you find yourself in such a place, what then?
Observe the ones around you. Will they fight?
If so, then work to rally them. If not,
Prepare, my friend, for serfdom – or for flight.
2014 December 22nd, Mon.
Brooklyn, New York

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