Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Prayer for Cleansing

A Prayer for Cleansing 
How many zealotries have plagued this world,
Replacing nature's wealth with poverty...

How much of avarice and jealousy
Have turned the efforts born of reason and
Of heart to naught, dismissed as fantasies
The hopes and visions giving sustenance...

How often has the narrowness of sight
Let ignorance prevail, as hardened hearts
Made virtues of the sins of callousness...

How much of horror has ambition wrought,
When coupled with the lies of all the rest...

And all of this is born of that unrest
That is the curse of human sentience.

Within the vortex of insanity,
There still resides the quiet eye of peace.

As violence rages like a fever's fire,
The healing dwells in silent sanity,
Enduring all that breaks the heart and mind,
With wisdom gleaned through long humility,
Compassionate and loving, quietly kind,
The antidote to all that poisons us...

We each can race along that driven path
That leads us all to hell – or turn and see
What still provides what meaning there is left...


Do come with me awhile upon this way,
That's old and worn, and yet remains as new...

Observe, in heartfelt quietude, and then
Let madness be – and walk in sanity...

Let I's defenses, raised in fear and greed –
Let I's defenses fall, so eyes can see...

Let's dive and bathe in Nature's streams and cleanse
Our minds and hearts of our obscuring sins...

Let go, let go of all your prejudice,
From all that gives you special station, flee...

The whirling dervish whirls and so is one
With all that's flowing in this universe...

Remember you are naught but transience
And use, with heart, your gift of sentience...

2013 July 14th, Sun, 5:31 am
(with some revisions later)
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

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