Saturday, July 13, 2013


While walking down a street, familiar, I
Had come upon a man who waved at me.
I did not know this man – but still waved back.
But then he asked me, “Who the heck are you?”

I fled, confused – and looking back, I saw
That he was pointing at me, to another man,
And saying, so I thought, “That person there,
He waved at me but then he ran away.”

I turned a corner, picking up my pace,
And so collided with a woman large.
On bouncing back, I saw the woman was
A person I had known. I greeted her.

She looked at me and frowned. But then, she said,
“Oh Harry! How've you been? It's been a while!”
And saying this, she stood and smiled past me.
I turned around to see, but found no one.

Again confused, I could not say a word.
For where was Harry?  Who the heck was he?
And so, I fled again, confused as hell.
But glancing back, I saw she followed me.

I started running, looking back at her
To see if she was catching up to me.
But no, she soon was out of breath – and stopped.
I thanked the gods – but then I bumped my knee.

It was a dog, upon whose back I fell.
A great big dog that barked and glared at me.
I lifted hands to better save my face,
But found his paws upon my heaving chest.

And pushing hands aside, with forceful nose,
He opened wide his jaws – and then I saw
A great red tongue that leaped to lick my face,
As I fell back, so pavement hit my head.

I lay there, stunned, enduring tongue and drool,
Until a person came and called out, “Tom!”
At this, the dog departed, wagging tail,
As he had done while he was over me.

I tried to gather scattered wits and then
To comprehend my last indignity.
I knew no dog called “Tom” – and yet I felt
The moisture still upon my squinting face.

And as I limped towards my home, I thought,
“Am I myself, or am I dreaming this?”
And so, I tried to wake myself – and did,
And saw I lay on my disheveled bed.

2013 July 13th, Fri.


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