Friday, July 5, 2013

The Season of the Sun

The Season of the Sun

For all that lives on our planet's northern half,
This is the season of the warming sun,
With pack ice melting into open seas
And mountain glaciers feeding muddy flows,
With all the temperate zone arrayed in greens
And tropics bathed in solar radiance
Or flooded by the thunderstorm's deluge...

So some are fleeing now from fire or flood,
While others bask in languor in the sun...
And date-palms stand in desert oases,
While tal and coconut are bowed by gales
That bring with them the horizontal rain –
As in the stillness of the ocean's warmth,
The great cyclones are born that lash the seas...

And many now complain about the heat,
The humid air, the sweat that clings to skin...
And even lusts, ignited by the spring,
Are now put out by summer's stickiness...
But those of us, who shift with seasons' swings,
Adjust ourselves, accepting what it brings,
This passing season of the broiling sun...

It is the season now of fiery heat,
It is the season now of brown and green,
As throats and fields are parched by drought and sun
Or watered by the clouds that bring relief...
It is the time of fire and withered leaves,
And yet, the time for lushly growing grass...
It is the season now of rain and sun...

2013 July 5th, Fri.


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