Monday, July 22, 2013

Luna – Bright, Serene

Luna – Bright, Serene
The moon tonight was close to full,
And walking, I had seen
Her float between the streaming clouds,
In majesty serene.

The moon and sky I saw tonight,
So luminous and clear,
I wish we had within our minds,
Instead of fog and fear.

If only words that seers spoke
Perceiving sights afar,
Reflected truth as Luna does
Our nearest, fiery star...

Who dares to gaze at Sol on high,
Will blinded surely be.
In Luna's tranquil glow, that sun,
In temperance, we see.

I watched her sailing in the sky,
Or so she seemed to do.
Illusion, yes, but beautiful,
As could a life renew...

The sky above gives sustenance
The earth cannot provide,
As does the view from mountain high
Or mast on ocean wide.

Of sky and sea and earth are we,
And spirit that's unseen.
And all of this, I sensed tonight
In Luna, bright, serene...

2013 July 21st, Sun., 11:00 pm
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn


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