Monday, July 22, 2013


If you happen to be saddled
With a skin that isn't pink,
You should watch where you are going,
For it's not, as you might think.

You might say, “There is Obama,
There was Powell right before...”
But you'd better sit and listen.
There are things that you should know.

If you're followed as you're walking,
Returning from the store,
Pretend that it is nothing
Or you might regret it sore.

If you're followed by a driver,
As you're walking on the street,
Remember, keep on walking.
In this battle, best retreat.

If you try to go where drivers
In their vehicles, can't follow,
Skedaddle then – and faster,
If you see, behind, the feller.

You might think that by accosting
Or by challenging the guy,
You might still escape the torture,
But you really shouldn't try.

If you dare to try and fight him,
Then you know you might be killed.
So try to keep on walking,
For your color is your guilt.

If you're lying there and murdered
Then your mother, she might cry,
And your father, he might mumble,
“Tell me Jesus, tell me – why?”

But they'll let the one who murdered
Go back home and keep his gun.
You should never dream of fighting.
If you're followed, simply run.

You might think they still might get you,
But at least you've got a chance.
But you won't be having any
If you stick around to dance.

You may feel your life is threatened –
That he'll shoot you if you flee.
But you'd better still be running,
Or you simply may not be.

So listen to me close, son,
However strange I sound.
And even if you're cornered,
Never – ever – stand your ground!

I hope that you've been hearing.
Be a coward, never fight.
For though there is Obama,
See your color?  That ain't right.

2013 July 22nd, Mon.


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