Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Jaldhaka Valley, Kalimpong subdivision, Darjeeling district, W. Bengal


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Samthar Plateau, Kalimpong

While walking on a wooded path
beneath the Himalaya,
I came upon a cottage small
and glimpsed, within, a fire.
And there I paused, to chat awhile
and drink a bit of tea
that those within, of humble mien,
in kindness, offered me.
And then – I went my way, refreshed
from the warming drink and more...
And though I climbed those misty hills
as I had done before,
that little bit of friendliness,
that welcome sip of tea –
it altered all that I perceived
and even altered me.

And since that time, by currents moved,
I’ve wandered near and far
and seen the best and worst of men,
in peacetime and in war.
But still, that little interlude,
upon a mountain way,
remains with me, in memory,
in a corner, tucked away.
And when I’m down in spirits from
the things I witness, then
I reach within and so retrieve
that memory again.
And strangely, it restores my calm
and gives me back my sense –
that little chat, that sip of tea –
that taste of innocence.

2015 February 17th, Tue., 9:34 pm
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

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