Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Prophet

The Prophet

I slept and thought I heard a prophet say,
“Awake, with joy, to greet the newborn day!
The sun is risen and the night is fled.
So hope will rise for us, who've been misled.

“We're born and learn that we are here to race,
And every year, we run at an even faster pace,
Until we can't – and then it's time to die.
And even then, we still believe the lie.

“Take courage, men and women, young and old,
Pursue the truth and speak with heart that's bold.
No worth is added by the lie of fear.
Be free and act – to save what's truly dear.

“Observe how panic, wrought by fear and greed,
Obscures what we and others truly need.
Compulsive action leads us all to hell.
Go slow, to clearly see – and so be well.”

I heard her speak, with others gathered 'round.
I saw them smile and heard a joyful sound,
As men and women paused from race they'd run,
To greet with joy the red and rising sun.

And in my sleep I smiled and tried to sing,
As fear gave way to joy and hope took wing.
And so that night my dreadful demons fled,
I slept in peace, to wait that sky of red.

I woke and found the night was still and dark –
No sign of light or sound of morning lark.
And yet, I still could hear that prophet's voice –
“Awake, oh serfs – and in the light rejoice!”

2013 May 16th, Thu.

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