Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Again

Spring Again

In Brooklyn now the tulips bloom
And blossoms grace the roadside trees.
And some of these are naked still,
With others dressed in freshest green.

Amidst the hustle of the dollar
And through the glasses of a scholar,
Blinking in the sunlight, he
Observes again the Spring serene.

An afternoon of grace is found,
While business bustles all around,
As rhythms, slow, of yearly seasons,
Are sensed – that counter frantic beat.

So in Manhattan, trees in flower,
Amidst the traffic and the grime,
Are calling out, to passersby,
To slow or stop – and be complete.

And in the Bronx and verdant Queens,
In Staten Island, by the sea,
In Newark and in Hoboken,
The sun is slanting on the green.

By the ocean, shining bright,
The gulls are sailing in the sun.
The winter's gone and summer nears,
In this, the season in-between.

2013 May 4th Sat.

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