Sunday, May 12, 2013


I heard the evening moan in deep delight,
As the sun went down and the day gave way to night.
And later, I could hear her beating heart
That raced as she succumbed to her lover's art.

Pregnant, with the sightless seed that grows,
Nurturing that child within her dark,
I heard the evening, turned to night, that keened
As the shining moon arose and sailed, serene.

And through the night, I woke and slept again,
Until the light of dawn gave birth to day.
So Winter's passed un-mourned – and lusting Spring
Has wooed and won the Earth in the month of May.

And as the sun mounts up and sends his shafts
To pierce the Earth that's moist from the evening's rain,
The root will delve, the stem will seek the sun,
As the sighted child is born from lust and pain.
2013 May 11th Sat and 12th Sun, 
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York
(some definite articles added 2016-05-21)
1st stanza and 1st 2 lines of 2nd stanza

  – May 11th, Sat. evening, walking east along 67th Street
  – and then south-east down New Utrecht Avenue, beneath the elevated D line
2nd stanza (last 2 lines) & 3rd stanza 

  – Sat. night, at the asphalt playground by the 71st Street station
4th stanza 

  – May 12th Sun, early afternoon, at home


charlie said...

striking choreography of words
visceral and genuine
I love how you were able to recall where you were as you wrote each stanza and the time that shaped it

Arjun Janah said...

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for working your way through my links to this one and for carefully reading and commenting on it.

I wrote this two years ago, but it seems like yesterday and yet in another life. I had forgotten those walks, but on reading this again, with the notes I had included at the bottom, I remembered them.

There's much to be said for walking--although the city's concrete can be murder on joints, spine and feet if one is not careful with footwear and one is either heavy or has been doing it carrying heavy weights (mostly books, notebooks and papers in book-bags) for most of the past thirty years -- as I have been doing. ;-)