Sunday, May 26, 2013


In Brooklyn, it is afternoon. The rain,
In showers light, is darkening the ground.
The skies above are layered, gray on gray,
With streamers drifting down from darkest clouds.

The sun's position can be guessed at times,
As lighter shades appear, for just a while,
And then are hidden, as the strata slide.
There's wind on high – and spawn on city streets.

And in this twilight, in the midst of day,
The rippled green is glowing, as at dusk.
The leafy heads are tousled, branches sway.
If trees were horses, they would run away.

The street lights, hanging skewed above the streets,
Turn yellow, red – and then are green again,
As they are rocked, like babies cradled high,
By titans' breath, as lords of air collide.

For Brooklyn now is witnessing the end
Of battles that had leveled town of  Moore, \1
When a whirling jinn descended on that town, \2
As one had done, a dozen years before. \3

And who unleashed these demons of the skies?
The primal one in us has answer swift –
It was the goddess of the Earth and sky.
What need is there for more of how and why?

How many aspects does the goddess have?
The arm that wields the ax can rock the child.
Behold her in her wrath, with burning eyes –
And hear her breathing now, in Brooklyn's skies.

And yet, the other voices in our mind
Remind us there is cause and there's effect.
And though effect, in turn, engenders cause,
They need no gods or goddesses on high.

2013 May 25th, Sat.
Brooklyn, New York

1. the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, 2013 May
2. image of the 2013 tornado
3. Wikipedia article on the Bridge Creek - Moore tornado of 1999

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