Wednesday, May 8, 2013



This evening, it was warmer as I walked
On homeward path at end of working day,
With sky alight as hour was nearing seven –
And sunlight slanting still to light my way.

The sun and warmth had beckoned forth the green,
With fig-tree sprouting leaves and little figs –
And rosebush reaching skyward, with its leaves
And buds of red upthrust, awaiting gigs.

And soon indeed the roses too will bloom,
As tulips do – and bluebells did before.
And women then will shed their winter garb,
For sun to bless their thirsting legs and more.

How pleasant is the coming of the spring,
In lands that bore, with patience, winter's breath.
The sap is running in deciduous trees –
And men rejoice, as lissome May is met.

2013 May 7th eve. & May 8th, 2:51 am
Brooklyn, New York


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