Monday, March 16, 2015

A Prayer

A Prayer 

If I could pray to such a god,
as gives our pleas admission,
then I would pray perhaps like this –
and hope that she would listen.
“Where fear has cast a darkness, there
let courage be a light.
Where justice is neglected, there
remind us of what’s right.

“Where ugliness of spirit reigns,
let beauty still be found.
Where madness roars and rules, let those,
who're sane, regain their ground.
“Where cruelty and callousness
have settled, let there be
a little space for kindness yet –
and those, whose hearts can see.
“Where Mammon makes the workers race,
let slowing still exist.
And where the lies are gaining, there
let honesty persist.
“Where chains of every sort are used
to bind and to enslave,
let those be there, who break the chains
with thoughtful actions brave.

"Where surface gloss is all that counts
and money makes the rules,
let those who plumb the depths survive,
and not be seen as fools.
"What many see in black and white,
let some perceive in grays.
Let sense discern the subtleties,
wherever reason frays.

"Where men and women are besieged
and deafened by the noise,
let places stay for caring and
for all the quiet joys.
"Where laughter of the cruel sort
is used to keep us down,
let gentler humor rise in turn
to melt away our frowns.
"Where fear and greed and cowardice
have joined to crown ambition,
let those who see the truth resist,
so conscience gains admission.

“And if you are a god indeed,
with just a bit of will,
then give them hope, who work for good,
where others work for ill.

“And if I find that I, at end,
am beaten down and broken,
let memory still remind me then
of what I now have spoken.”
So this is how I’d pray to her,
whilst hoping that she is.
And even if she isn't – why,
I still would pray like this.

2015 March 16th, Mon.
Teachers’ Cafeteria, New Utrecht High School
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York
For a partial translation of this (still ongoing)
into Bengali, please see:

Ekt’i Prarthona—একটি প্রার্থনা

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