Monday, March 9, 2015

The Skeletons

The Skeletons
A field of daffodils, Morton Arboretum, Chicago


I saw a row of skeletons
that all appeared to grin,
it seemed as if in mockery
of the world that we are in.
And once again the thought occurred
that everyone has had –
that life is such a senseless thing –
beyond what’s merely sad.

And some would surely disagree
and say that life’s a blessing
or claim that there’s a purpose in it –
although it seems that's missing.

And surely I should nod my head,
to not disturb their dreams –
but still I see those skeletons
that laugh at all our themes.


I saw a row of skeletons
and each was once as me.
And soon enough, I too will grin
and joined with them will be.

And some will say, “We all have souls
and those will still be there.”
I gaze upon that multitude
and find it hard to bear.

Some hope for an eternity,
a heaven in the sky.
But there’s a price for everything
and more so, for a lie.

So when I end, I hope that I
will vanish and be lost.
To still be there, although I’m gone,
is far too high a cost.

Daffodil Fields, Skagit Valley, Washington, by Alan Majchrowicz


2015 March 8th, Sun. night, late
Skyway Restaurant, Bath Avenue
(last four stanzas added the next night,
after returning home from work)
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

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