Sunday, March 9, 2014

We Call for Spring

We Call for Spring
We wait in weariness for signs of spring,
When warmth returns and little birds can sing.
We long for days, when grasses green can grow,
And tulips rise above the final snow.

Tulips in the snow during spring in Patagonia,
South America

Then you and I will meet and walk again,
And seek our shelter from the springtime rain.
And each shall smell again the wetted earth,
And all that wakes and rises from the dirt.

A trail through the woods, with spring flowers

This winter long will then be memory,
And all its troubles, but a passing dream.
The roses, with their colors, then will blow,
And women thighs, for spring's caresses, show.

Sun in the new leaves
But winter circles 'round and comes again.
And you and I together now complain.
We doubt the seasons listen to our words,
But still, we call for spring – and chirping birds.

2014 March 9th, Sun.
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn


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