Monday, March 24, 2014

As the City Streets Burn

The month of March, as I remember it, is usually warm and sunny in Kolkata.  For the rains, that are mostly absent from September onwards, one must wait for the south-east monsoon winds that bring, to the Bengal delta, around mid-June, the dark clouds from the Bay.  Then there are the torrential downpours that last through July and part of August.  

But I have been away from Bengal for over a half-century now, so some of my memories are faded and blurred.
-- Orjun / Babui


As the City Streets Burn

Photograph by my aunt Chandrabali Ray, as posted by her on Facebook.

From the morning mist and the dew of night,
We wake and we bloom, in the burning light.
And the little one flies, as our colors and scents
Are the signals she seeks, with her insect-sense.

She alights for a moment, and she sips of our sweet,
And we gift her with pollen, in our manner discreet.
And off then she flies, with our gift on her side,
And we’re glad that it’s getting that aerial ride.

And she ‘lights in a while, again, on our twin,
And then there is sex, which is hardly a sin.
And then there is life – that will wait for its turn,
As we bloom on the terrace, as the city-streets burn.

2014 March 24th, Mon.
Brooklyn, New York

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