Friday, March 14, 2014

In the Morning, by the Sea


In the Morning, by the Sea


I have woken in the springtime, in the summer, in the fall,
I have woken and I’ve shivered in the early morning chill.
I have walked upon the pathways that were wetted with the dew,
I have walked towards the shoreline, when the stars were burning still.

I have woken, when the sky was dark, but lighter in the east.
I have seen the colors brighten, watched them slowly change to warm.
I have seen the glowing sun rise up, above the rippled sea,
I have looked upon the waters red and breathed the morning calm.

I have watched the seagulls flying, and the colors as they cooled.
I have walked the shore at sunrise, where the breakers never cease.
I have felt the breath of morning and I’ve squinted at the east,
I have heard the seagulls crying, as they rode upon the breeze.

I have shivered by the shoreline, when the winter wasn’t done,
I have seen the wave-tops whited, and I’ve pulled my jacket close.
I have walked along the seaside and I’ve felt the warming sun,
I have known the bliss of morning that the early riser knows.

I have wandered, slowly breathing, in the morning, by the sea,
And the rosy light of dawning, it has entered in my soul.
I have wandered by the seaside, as the morning came to be,
And from all my shattered fragments, I have gathered up a whole.

2014 March 14th, Fri.
Brooklyn, New York

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