Monday, February 1, 2016

Diamonds in the Dirt

Diamonds in the Dirt

Partake, if you wish, of these helpings of verse
That have in them bitches and ditches and worse.
But know, if you do, that the whispers of witches
Will bother you so, that you'll holler and curse.

So now that you're warned of what you ingest,
You can nibble or gobble and seek to digest
These stanzas that follow, with horrors for rhymes,
While giggling and hoping they're only in jest.

But wait! If you giggle for long, you should know
That giggling can lead to a death that is slow
And is painful—which surely is also called "life".
So read, if you must, till you can't any more!

We have visits, when dozing or when we're alert,
From demons and muses. Some often are curt.
But others can drone till we wish they would leave,
So then we can scrabble for diamonds in the dirt.

2016  February 1st, Mon. evening
Brooklyn, New York

We Went to War in the Morning

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