Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cowards--Those Who Love the Lie

Cowards / Those Who Love the Lie
They might rouse you with their shouted slogans
And their marches to their bands,
Make you feel that you are special,
Living in the best of lands.
They might frighten you with warnings,
Slander you with shameless lies,
Beat you till they see surrender,
Or till light departs from eyes.
So many ways to rouse the passions,
So many means to have their way!
So many ways to scare and threaten,
To hide the truth from the light of day!
And yet, it's clear it's they who're frightened,
Even as they shout in rage,
Even as they beat and bludgeon— 
Frightened of the turning page.
For see—to east, the sun is rising
And light is dawning in the minds
Of all of those whose lives were darkened,
As all the spool of lies unwinds.

Courage then!  Be cautious, friends,
But bravely think and speak and act.
There's naught to lose that won't be taken,
And much to gain for those attacked. 

Our ones and twos, their mobs can silence
And the courts can do their will.
But when our thousands speak our minds,
Then who can stop the dawning still?

Cowards thrive the best in darkness;
Yet, a thousand times they die.
Boldly seek the truth. The risk is
Most for those who love the lie.
2016 February 23rd, Tue.
Brooklyn, New York


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