Saturday, October 3, 2015

How Beautiful—III

How Beautiful—III
How beautiful this world is,
in which we chance to live—
the blues and greens of sky and plants,
the warmer hues of earth,
the flowers dancing in the breeze,
the wondrous forms of beasts,
the sounds of water and of air—
the tinkle, rustle, swoosh,
the drumming of the raindrops,
the roars of waves and storms,
the scents of rose and jasmine,
of fruits and musks and earth,
the light that’s always changing—
the wonder of the dawn,
the clouds that soar and tumble,
the brilliance of noon,
the starry skies of midnight,
the phases of the moon…


I have heard the children laughing,
I have watched the puppies play.
I have seen the mother smiling
at the infant she had borne.

I have seen the sad, the evil,
the horrors of this world.
and yet, when I’m despairing,
I see its wonder still.
And so, when I’m departing,
despite the pain I’ve borne,
I’ll leave this place in gratitude,
and bless the ones that live.

To those who have departed
and those who're still unborn,
I'll send my silent greetings,
before I leave this world.

2014 September 24th, Thu.
(last 4 stanzas added Oct 3rd, Sat., along
with lines 4 to 7 from end of 1st stanza)
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

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