Saturday, December 22, 2012

How Beautiful

How Beautiful

How beautiful, that evening sky,
In pastel shades aglow,
With clouds that streamed from west to east
In dark processions swift...

I watched that sky this evening, as
Those pastels faded, slow.
The winter winds were biting, but
I felt my spirits lift...

Ah, beauty, how you cure the heart
That's sickened by the rush...
You still the worker's fevered thoughts,
His altercations hush...

And yet, he writes these verses that
Are echoes of that quiet,
That beauty that he saw displayed
That soothed his own disquiet...

He watched the sky this evening, as
His tide was ebbing, slow.
His body-mind was aching yet
He felt his spirits lift...

How transient, that field above,
In softest tints aglow,
With horses dark that raced across
In long processions swift...

2012 December 22, Sat.

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