Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dawn and Dusk—II

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Dawn and Dusk—II 

Daybreak at the Devils Courthouse Overlook, North Carolina
We can rise when stars are shining and the dawn has yet to be.
We can walk, if we are near it, to the dark and waiting sea.
And as we stand and shiver by the ocean’s side we see
The light that’s slowly spreading, as the stars and planets flee.

We can stand and watch the sunset, when the west is all aglow.
We can see the colors fading at the ending of the show.
We can feel a humor ebbing and another rising slow
As the tide of day is leaving and the stars begin to show.

The sunrise and the sunset are the tick and tock of time,
For the waxing and the waning of the moon are done in mime,
But at dusk you’ll hear the crickets—and the sparrows greet the dawn.
The months are then the minutes of this clock that we are on.

The seasons are the hours, so as winter cedes to spring,
You can hear the bells are chiming. And when swallows take to wing
You will know the hour is autumn, so there’s winter coming by.
To the sun that ruled in summer, they have quite a way to fly.
The scents of dusk and dawning portend the sun and moon—
The jasmine of the midnight, the fragrant rose of noon.
And we need to greet the sunrise and to see the end of day,
So the clocks that we are born with do not slowly go astray.

We are beings of the daylight.  We need shelter in the night.
We are frightened by the darkness, we are brightened by the light.
So the sunset and the sunrise are the beat to which we rhyme,
And they’ve called to us with tidings, through all remembered time.

Sunset, Pensacola, Florida

2015 August 19th, Wed., 2:15 am
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York
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