Sunday, August 9, 2015



When faced with all the madness of our times—
the racing, debt and isolation, some
succumb to fear and then are paralyzed—
or else they run, bewildered, through their years. 

But others, savvier, can learn the game
and play it shrewdly to attain their ends.
And these become, quite often, those who herd
and drive the others, stepping up the pace.

Until we free ourselves, we’re doomed to be
as cogs upon the wheels of fear and greed.
But when we try to struggle loose, we find
we’re crushed—as would a cog that’s not of steel. 
It’s only when the juggernaut is slowed,
as one by one we see and we resist—
it’s only then that we at last can be,
from this, our ceaseless whirling bondage, free.

2015 August 6th, Thu. 6:15 pm
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

Note:  Three pictures follow.  You can click on any one to see all three in a gallery.  The second image will be enlarged, the third even more. Click on the white X at the top right of the black background to return to the post.

At the end of the post are links to some clips from the film "Modern Times", in which Charlie Chaplin's character attempts to fit into the industrial age.  I might add more as I find them.


Joining the Labor Force

Chariot Wheel, Konarak Temple, Orissa, India.   Patrik M. Loeff, 2008

Clips from Chaplin's movie Modern Times

1) a short clip (14:43) with excellent clarity of picture and sound:
2) a very short clip (1:49) on a central episode in 1, with picture quality not the best: 

3) Modern Times (1936)—the full movie (1:23:17)—but with speech dubbed in French:

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