Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sing to Me

Sing to Me 

Early winter sky along Newfound Gap Road. © Kristina Plaas.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sing to me the song of innocence,
so all the grime and sin are washed away.
And sing to me of what was beautiful –
of mists of morn that rose to greet the day.
Sing to me the song of morning-time,
so I remember days of youth again.
And let me bless you for the morning song
that gives me joy and makes me live again.
Oh sing to me the song of times now past,
so I may walk again upon those paths
and see again the ones who went before –
to smile and laugh and cry with them once more.
Sing to me the song of gentleness,
the song of rustling wind and tinkling water.
Sing to me the hopeful song of dawn,
when dreaming merges with the edge of morn.
2014 November 29th, Sat.
Brooklyn, New York

Robbie Robertson - Cherokee Morning Song
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