Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer's Here

Summer's Here
The summer's here. The sky is bright and blue.
A sea-breeze blows through Brooklyn's sun-washed streets.
It sets the leaves a-shimmer.  Treetops wave,
And light and shade do dappled, dancing steps...

I stand beside a tree and watch that dance
In the leaves above and the shadow-play below.
The cooling breezes waft my sweat away 
And I rejoice that summer's here again.


A cup of coffee, from the corner store...
I’m greeted by a former student – worst
Among the ones I've had of late.  He shouts
To others, "Look, our Dr. Faggot's here!"

I quietly buy the coffee, quickly leave.
I hear, behind me, laughs and murmurs.  "Bye,"
One calls out, “Dr. F!”  I smile, because
It’s summer and I’m free – till summer ends.

2014  June 29th, Sun.
Brooklyn, New York

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