Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kolikata (Kolkata)


Kolikata, mo`hano`gor,
Tumul be`stota.
Tari majhe jo`nmo amar,
Tari sriti aj.

Mone po`re ko`to drixxo,
Ko`to xo`bdo, ghran...
Haora brije t'anche bojha,
Manux-garir bo`l.

Dekhechilam, bhikirir cokhe,
Bo`rxa-kaler megh.
Bhor-be`late, culor dho~a,
Xixir-d'haka po`th.

Corui, xalik khujche khabar.
Kager do`ler d'ak.
Dupur be`lae, nil akaxe,
Ut'che ghure cil.

Bikel be`lae, murir xathe
Kichu chola, tel,
Lo`nka, lebu, pe~yaj, lo`bon...
Roilo baki ki?

Xei xo`hore jo`nom amar,
Xei xo`hore ghuri.
Jodio baxa onno dexe,
Nei jekhane muri.

Bo`ngo-bhumi, jahar buke
T'anche xixu, hae!
Ga~er-baxi, chere tomae,
Kolikatae jae.

Kolikata, mo`hanogor,
Ko`to ro`kom dha~dha.
Axlo sromik, kajer khoje,
Berie elo gadha.

Kolikata, mo`hano`gor,
Tumul bestota.
Tari majhe jo`nmo amar,
Tari sriti aj.

Chere elam dadu, dida,
Maxi, pixi, bon.
Chere elam bhai-bondhu,
Chere elam mon.

17-0i Jun, 2014 Kri.
Bruklin, No`bo Io`rk.


Calcutta, the big city,
busy with bustle –
I remember that city,
where I was born.

How many visions come to mind,
how many sounds and scents...
A scrawny man pulls a massive load
on a cow-cart, racing traffic up a bridge...

Reflected in a beggar's eyes,
the heavy clouds of the monsoons...
At dawn, the smoke from lighted stoves,
the dew-covered paths...

The sparrows and shaliks, looking for food,
the cawing of the crows...
At midday, the kite-hawks,
circling in the blue...

In the afternoon, with the sand-roasted rice –
some small roasted chick-peas, mustard oil,
sliced chili, onion, salt...
What else was needed?

In that city, I was born –
and there, I often wander,
although I live in another land,
where there is no roasted rice...

Ah, Bengal, at whose breast
a baby sucks –
the villager leaves you
for Calcutta.

Calcutta, the big city,
how many mazes, snares...
A man may enter, seeking work,
and exit as an ass.

Calcutta, the big city,
hustle and bustle...
I remember that city,
where I was born.

I left my grandpa, grandma,
my uncles, aunts and cousins.
I left behind my childhood friends,
I also left my mind...

2014 June 17th, Sat.
Brooklyn, New York


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