Monday, December 16, 2013

On Such a Night – II

On Such a Night – II
It’s winter and the snow is on the ground.
It’s winter and the trees are standing bare –
Except for conifers, whose darkened forms
Are draped with star-like lights as Christmas nears.

It’s winter and I’m walking home at night.
And though it’s freezing, since the wind is down,
I’m snug in layers, topped with hoods and caps,
And warm from trundling home my daily load.

The solstice nears – and nights are long indeed,
But all tonight is still and wonderful.
And even I, who longs for tropic balm,
Am walking slow, by winter’s spell entranced.

It’s winter and the night is cold and clear.
A moon, near full, is shining in the sky.
Ah – on such a night, I’d like to breathe
The heady air – and then to quietly die.

2013 December 16th, Mon.
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
On Such a Night 

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