Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coping with Illness and Dying

Coping  with Illness and Dying
When we’re sick and full of woes
And fighting our despair,
Will we think of better times –
And burdens better bear?
Or will such memories be lost –
Or if remembered, then
Be yet more grief, because we know
We won’t be well again?
Some bear a grievous illness lightly,
Others groan at colds.
A patient’s truly patient, while
Another only scolds.
We see a woman, ailing, tend
Her husband, though she sinks –
And still, her spouse yet more demands –
And of her, rarely thinks...
How easy it might be to judge
Another, yet we know
That there are depths we cannot plumb,
Beneath the storms that blow.
And yet, it’s true – that qualities
We nurture, over years,
Express themselves, for all to see,
When mortal ending nears.

2013 December 29th, Sun., 6:08 pm 
2nd floor, McDonald’s Restaurant  
86th Street and 20th Avenue 
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn


Anonymous said...

I loved this poem, as I have loved, and found myself enchanted by, all your beautiful poetry.
Arjun, you are a brilliant talented person ; an intelligent knowledgeable person whom I also find very friendly honest and forthright. You have made my life more meaningful inerestng and pleasent; a good friend.
Keep your poetic thoughts and feelings coming!
Happy New Year to you , your lovely wife, Weisin, and all your fine families. You all stay well!
Your friend,
Jim Kramer

Arjun Janah said...

Thanks Jim -- if only I deserved all that praise! The school job sets me straight on that. ;-) Best wishes for the holidays and the new year for you, Dina, Ken, Helene and the others from Wai-Sin and myself.

Shirley Forde said...

As usual a great job. But are your writing poetry in MacDonalds?
You are supposed to be looking through a window at great scenery while doing so.

Yvonne Forde

Arjun Janah said...

Hi Yvonne,

I have found the 2nd floor there to be a relatively peaceful place in which to do all my homework checking and much else, job-related, on weekends and holidays. I do get, at times, to see some scenery,including living scenery, although it's urban -- the elevated D train station with travelers going up and down the stairs,and the streets below. Then there are the customers, including my past or current students. Best wishes for the new year!