Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New York City De-Bloomed + Bloomberg's Gone

New York City, De-Bloomed

Bloomie's gone, with all his snooties.
Let's hope that Bill won't catch his cooties!
De Blasio's here, and though ungroomed,
We're glad our city's now de-Bloomed.


Bloomberg's Gone!

Bloomberg came and Bloomberg went.
He'd bought himself an extra term.
You'll find that there's no argument:
He leaves our city more infirm.

Of hubris he had plenty, so
He thought that he could run the show.

A democrat, small "d", he wasn't.
A little king, he ruled from high.
His manners, they were quite unpleasant.
And so, we're glad to say, "Goodbye!".

He thought that he could fix our schools,
And failing, called the teachers fools.

"But those who think they know the answers,
Or that the answers can be bought,
They're the fools!"  So sing the dancers,
Who, in Bloomberg's trap, were caught.

"Oh hi, oh ho!  Oh heidiho!
Bloomberg's gone!   He's mayor no more!"

But Bloomberg, he is sly and crafty!
He's a shyster with the dollar!
He squeezed us all, for he's no softy,
Squeezed us workers for the dollar!

His worth, at start?  It was four billion.
And now?   It's over thirty billion!

His friends and he made out like bandits.
Our labor did their coffers fill.
His lawyers, they secured the conduits.
And that is why we've chosen Bill.

No more, no more of your accountants!
Begone, Mike B. -- and keep your distance!

You spent your time in the Caribbean,
But kept your eye upon your fortune.
Your words for us, who labored, plebeian?
"Work more, you dummies!  Don't importune!"

Your ways, they made us ill with nausea.
And that is why we chose De Blasio.

2013 November 5th, Tue. (Election Day)
Brooklyn, New York

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