Friday, November 15, 2013

Isaac and Albert

Isaac and Albert
I once had learned, from someone who was dead,
That an apple fell on Newton's balding head.
Those watching thought this cause for levity,
But Newton found the cause was gravity.

And in that dead man's book, I also read
They'd pickled what was inside Einstein's head.
Was genius found?  The answer: “Negative.”
From some;  from others, “All is relative.”

On hearing this, a scholar gnashed his teeth.
“Alas!” he said, “We must admit defeat,
From those, whose knowledge is both scant and wrong.
In a world of these, the wise do not belong!”

But one, who was his mentor, counseled this,
“No need, my son, to grind your teeth and hiss!
The subtleties of science and of nature
That were, before, still are – and will be, later.”

If Isaac, Albert, were, perchance, to meet
Upon a bus, would Albert yield his seat,
With mischief in his eye, and say, in jest,
“Be seated, sir – and find, perhaps, your rest.”?

Or if they met, within an elevator,
With little chance of leisured chatting later,
As cables snapped, would Isaac then surmise
What Albert had, before their swift demise?

To those, who ask, how resurrection works,
We answer – this, in deepest physics, lurks.
And so it is that Newton, Einstein meet,
And what they'd started, finally complete...

Returning to that author, who is dead,
But gossips on, within my balded head,
I hope the two of us will meet, as persons,
So I can question him about his versions...

2013 November 15th, Fri.
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

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