Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nations Proud and Pure

Nations Proud and Pure (Draft)
Children cheering Axis leaders, Japanese poster, 1938
source: ?

“The strong should rule the weak,” she said,
“And those of sharper mind
Should govern those who're duller, so
We won't be left behind.
“But first, we have to purify
And cleanse our land, our race!
The parasites that we have borne
Are filth we must erase.”
“We need a state,” the prophet said,
“For every tribe and sect,
So each of these will then be pure
And cleansed of past defect.”

“The choicest lands should be reserved
For those of the highest races,
While all the vilest vermin are
Assigned to the blasted places.

"And if there is contention, let
The battles then begin,
Which those, who are the strongest and
The shrewdest, swiftly win.
“In countries blest there might of course
Be space for servants humble
Of lower races for the work
At which the high might grumble.

“So if by chance a nation lets
Another people stay,
It should be clear who rules the land
And who should just obey.

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, 1930's-1940's
source: ?

“For the highest nations know they are,
In all the world, the best.
And if this is acknowledged, they
May tolerate the rest.

“Miscegenation is the root
Of every region’s woes.
Preserve your culture and your race
By shutting close your doors!

“Your strength is your security!
So use both arms and lies
To silence and to swindle those
Who matter less than flies.

“So set, upon a throne on high,
For worship, self divine.
And right below reserve a place
For those you call as ‘mine’.

“It isn’t just your family.
It’s more your culture, race
That should, by rights, be seated at
That special second place.

“Let ethics be a thing reserved
For those within your sphere.
For plants and beasts and races vile,
You shouldn’t waste a tear."

Spain's Francisco Franco
source: ?

And saying this she looked around
At all who’d raptly listened.
And she could see that every eye,
With zealous fervor, glistened.

“We need a state,” the prophet cried,
“For every human tribe!”
As everyone arose and cheered
Her rousing diatribe.

“But even in one race there are
The weaker and the stronger.
It's fit the strong should rule the weak,
For states would then last longer!”

In every head there danced, that day,
A vision: there’s a cure,
For all the ills of humankind,
In nations proud—and pure!

And each of them, returning home,
To kinsfolk near and dear,
Revealed that dream—that promise of
A future cleared of fear.

No more of persecutions or
Of slights or tolerating
The boorish ways of simians or
Yet more illicit mating!

And each of them was filled with joy
In fond anticipation
Of a nation pure, with limpets cleared
Or sent to their damnation.

Argentina's Jorge Rafael Videla
source: ?

Chile's Augusto Pinochet
source: ?

2015 July 30th Thu., 4:30 pm
Skyway dhaba, Bath Avenue
(1st, 2nd & 5th-from-last stanzas added

Aug 8th, Sat., along with the images)
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

Note:  The opinions expressed in this piece are not those of the writer. 

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