Friday, April 3, 2015



She came into this world without her clothes
and naked, she will leave this world, again.
But while she’s here, she’s told she should be clothed,
or else she’ll get her share and more of pain.

And there are places, where she hides her face,
and even feet are swathed and not for show.
And if by chance she shows her head of hair,
a punishment, she then will surely know.

Oh woman, how has man defiled your soul
and so his own, from fear and lust combined!
To his possessions, he has added you,
and so, your role, of servitude, defined.

And see, how you yourself have fallen in
the traps that men and women make for you.
For even those, who see themselves as free,
to man and Mammon pay their daily due.

We once had goddesses, to whom we bowed;
we now have gods, to whom we kneel instead.
Forsake, oh human, lords of lordly kind.
To virtue, kneel. To kindness, bow your head.

Be neither slave nor master. All your chains
are clothes you did not have at birth.
Remove those wraps and break, oh break, those chains,
before it's time for you to leave this Earth.

2015 April 3rd, Sat.
Brooklyn, New York
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