Tuesday, April 7, 2015


University students slaughtered by Al Shabaab gunmen 
Garissa, Kenya, 2015 April 2nd
Source: unknown

The blood has darkened on his skin,
it’s darkened on his shirt.
And see – the blood he vomited
has darkened in the dirt.
And there he lies, among the rest
they murdered yesterday,
the ones who used their guns, as shrieks
arose and died away.
It’s silent now, where once there was
the noise of students’ chatter.
And all the questions that they had,
it seems, no longer matter.
For here, within the college grounds,
the slaughtered students lie.
And all that those, who knew them, now
can ask is, “Why, oh why?”
2015  April 7th, Tue
Brooklyn, New York

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