Saturday, September 20, 2014

Those Who Will Not Think

Those Who Will Not Think
When prejudice is rampant and blinkered views are rife,
Then foolishness, in ardor, takes ignorance as wife.
And from their dark coitus, there issues forth the child,
From knowledge free – and reason – and prone to notions wild.
So how can there be wisdom, or remnant trace of light?
The day has long been ended – and all that’s left is night.
So you’ll not find forbearance or nuance or respect.
The puerile, mixed with madness, is what you’d now expect.
So what is there to do now, except to sit and weep?
When driven in the shallows, what hope of currents deep?
And so our ships will founder and so we know they’ll sink.
Why bother with the subtleties with those who will not think?
Our arguments may lengthen – or grow, with honing, short.
But when we’re with the yahoos, why carp on rule and tort?
Be silent, lest you beckon, by your speaking, yet more ire.
You’ll see, for comprehension, there’s simply no desire.
2014 September 20th, Sat.
Brooklyn, New York


S. Forde said...

And as the Good Book says, 'Without wisdom the people perish.'

Arjun Janah said...

Amiin, amen, aoum.
Salaam, shalom, shaanti.