Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Rarely Drink

I Rarely Drink

I rarely drink, but when I learn
What men, to men, are doing,
I quietly sit and grimly muse,
My teetotaling rueing.

If only we could meditate
And change the course of things –
Or if our words could open hearts
And give the children wings…

If things were there, that we could do,
That weren’t just diversions,
Then parts of this, our world, we'd change
For slightly better versions…

Alas, I only sit and sulk,
Defeated, as I see
How all of life is set afloat
Upon a burning sea…

I rarely curse, but with Omar
I cry out now, “Divine –
Who’s far from that, I’d profit much
From cursing – and from wine.”

Burning Sea

2014 July 20th, Sun.

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