Monday, July 21, 2014

All for a Cellphone

All for a Cellphone
There was a young man of Calcutta,
Who dropped his new phone in the gutter.
He searched in the muck for the thing that he'd lost
And found it
but broken!  Recalling its cost,
He raged then at Fortune
and curses did utter...

And one, who was passing, who knew him, surmised
He needed some help
and forbearance advised.
But the one, who had "lost it", was crazed.  He attacked
The one, who'd attempted to help, and shellacked
Him with muck
that was partly, of feces, comprised...

The moral?  Why, even in places where men
Are sociable,
ad'd'a and destiny ken,                  \1
The winds of our times could be blowing
and so
You never can tell when a gasket might blow.
No use, in appealing to sense or to zen...
2014 July 21st, Mon.

Brooklyn, New York
1. ad'd'a = a casual gathering to chat and discuss everything under the sun, beloved of Bengalis, especially the men

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