Monday, April 21, 2014

The Light of Spring – II

The Light of Spring – II 

The Long Winding Path -- by Irene Burdell
Whilst walking once upon a winding path,
Beneath the trees as spring was coming in,
I saw, ahead. a patch of lighted sky
And figures, small, where light was pouring in.

And as I walked within the forest shade,
With winter still residing in its depths,
It seemed I’d glimpsed the summer that was then
A memory – and hope still unexpressed.

And so I stood and breathed the air of spring
Within that shade – the scents of earth and leaves,
Of tree-bark, dew and other woodland things –
And watched those figures walk, in shimmering light.

And when they’d grown in size, I felt compelled
To walk their way, and so I left behind
That cool and fragrant shade – and winter’s ghost,
And ventured out to meet the sky of spring.

2014 April 21, Mon. 12:17 pm,
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York


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