Saturday, February 15, 2014


I've loved the dawn, when sky and earth appear
As lovers waking from a sweet embrace,
From night of loving and of sleep refreshed,
With hope within their hearts for a bright new day.

I've cherished evenings, when the sun appears
To kiss and penetrate the land or sea –
The father and the mother of us all,
Rejoined, in a little death, so all can be...

And though these are but our illusions grand,
As the planet spins about its axis, yet
The more that we, with reason, understand,
The less, it seems, our inner eyes can see...

So there are times when we should pause to hear
The music of the land and sky and sea,
And join again in that primordial dance,
So we can sense, what it is like, to be...


I've sat in summer in the tropic sun,
At noontime, soaking in the radiance,
With such a flush upon my baking skin
As women feel, who then have languor sweet.

At midnight, walking underneath the stars,
In the crystal air of a northern winter night,
I've shivered from the bitter cold and yet
Have then exhaled, with a sweet and deep delight.

2014 February 15th, Saturday, 5:30 am
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York


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