Tuesday, January 14, 2014



Romeo, to Juliet:

Sunshine on the meadows wide, sun upon the sea,
Everywhere I look, I find a world that smiles with me.
Rolling surf on beaches, wind that whistles through the pines!
The mountain tops are singing – and I understand their lines!

On days like this, I float with clouds  across the sky of blue.
The weeks go by and still I know that I’m in love with you.
The scents of rose and jasmine rise to scent the days and nights.
In songs of nightingales and larks, this lover’s heart delights.

The moon is rising yonder, and it soon will light the sea.       \1
On such a night, who walks upon the shore with thirsting me?
Come Juliet, bless Romeo with this, his only chance,
With you, his one and only, by the moonlit waves, to dance!

You’re Verona's fairest flower, I’m your honey bee!
Come, my Juliet – and dance away this night with me!
We’ll listen to the nightingale – there, he's calling, hark!
And come the dawn, we’ll waken to the singing of the lark.

Juliet, to Romeo:

Oh Romeo, your verses paint a picture, true, of bliss!
But did you once, from Rosaline, attempt to steal a kiss?
A little bird is tweeting that you did, you did, you did!
But Rosaline, she ran from you, and with her nurses hid.

If Juliet gave in to you, then would you think her easy?
The thought of this disturbs her heart and makes her stomach queasy.
The nightingale is singing, as you set my heart aflutter.
But when the lark replaces him, what words will you then utter?

The moon is rising and the night is fit for lovers’ trysts.
But Montagues fight Capulets with swords, not merely fists!
I fear that this, our newborn love, is from its birthing doomed.
For if we are discovered, then we both might be entombed.

Too little, of the ways of men, has this, your Juliet, seen.
Romeo's her elder, since she's yet to reach fourteen.  \2
Now go, my darling Romeo!  I’ve loved your serenade!
Now go, before we’re found – and so, a sad example, made!

Romeo to Juliet:

You ask that I should go – and this, I hardly can believe!
Could love be so inconstant – and a lover’s heart deceive?
But what you say commands me, dear!  Before I leave – a kiss!
To part without this seal upon our love would be remiss.

Juliet to Romeo:

Oh Romeo!  You’ve won my heart!  I would not have you go!
I only wish that you could stay and captivate me more.
Come now, before you go – and take, from Juliet, her heart.
Your lip upon my lip – and then, we shall, as lovers, part!

2014 January 14th, Tue., 10:14 pm
Eyetalianhurst, Brooklyn, NY

1.   Some careless liberty was taken here.  As I found out later 

      from my friend Vivek, Verona is not by the sea.

2.  This was the ill-fated heroine's age, as stated by her father, in 

      William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet.

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