Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Sea + Woman

The Sea

The sea, becalmed – a placid, tranquil lake, 
But vast – a mirror stretched from land to sky, 
Reflecting both – a giant, languid eye... 

The sea, now rippled by a rising breeze – 
A woman, wakened by her lover's tease, 
Aroused, with moon reflected in the tide... 

The sea, in fury – thrashing in the throes 
Of passions roused – and thrusting for release, 
By spasms rocked – towards her bless-ed ease...
2012 November 5th, Mon. 

A woman's told that she's the weaker sex,
For she can be the size of half a man;
Yet all, a man can do, a woman can.

And she gives birth, as only she can do,
In nature grounded, tied to sea and moon,
Connected to the earth, as man is not.

As boats may sail upon an ocean wide,
So men may float upon the surging tide
Of woman, roused to tempest in her deep.

And as a woman may, to some appear,
So, to sailors, does the ocean seem.
What lends us life, can also that redeem...

As Durga rides the lion, slays the demon,
And Kali strides on Shiva, so does woman
Conquer man, when she connects with earth.

And men must turn to gods residing high,
On mountain top or watching from the sky,
As they are torn by fear and by desire...

And when the women copy now the men,
And so wear pants, while men do not wear skirts,
They only copy weakness – that which hurts.

For man is insecure and torn from earth.
The weaker sex is he, who's not at ease.
So men make war – as women wait for peace.
2012 November 6th, Tue.

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