Sunday, November 18, 2012

Restless Breed

Restless Breed

We come and go, like leaves upon a tree,
By births imprisoned and by deaths set free.
Our labor, which, in living, knows no end,
For some, is joy.  But others disagree.

We flow like water towards the waiting sea,
From whence we came before we learned to be,
Illusion brief – and cause of all our grief,
As droplets bearing names like “you” and “me”.

How many suns have taken birth and died,
How many orphans, for their parents, cried?
And yet the cycles turn relentlessly,
Until we learn that our creator lied.

Why worship one who claims perfection, yet
Has needs that clearly were and are unmet?
From restlessness was born our restless breed.
His starting sin, he'd rather we forget.

We rise and fall, like waves upon the sea,
By tempest pulled from nothingness to be.
For some, the storm's an awesome, wondrous dance.
But others pray for blesst tranquility.
2012 November 13th, Tue.

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