Monday, May 29, 2017

We’ll Blast You Straight to Hell!

We’ll Blast You Straight to Hell!

This is our god, the only god!
The other gods are false!
And if you would deny this, why,
We’ll rid you of your balls!

This is our prophet, the best and last!
No others are permitted!
And if you would say otherwise,
To hell, you’ll be remitted.
This is the truth, the only truth!
And everything else is lies!
It answers whats, it answers hows,
It even answers whys!
This is the way, the only way!
The others lead to hell!
We use these exclamation points,
For we still have stuff to sell!

There’s up and down! And we are up
And you are down below!
So toil, you slaves! And don’t complain!
Your kind deserves no more!


This is our race, the master race!
The others must bow low!
And those that have corrupted this—
Our purity—must go!

We are the ones who’re chosen. God
Has led us through the ages!
We’ve suffered!  Now, we own the world—
And smile, as havoc rages!

This is our creed, the greatest creed,
And everything else is shit!
And if you would say otherwise,
You must be poor of wit!

But see!  Ha ha! You now are lost!
You’ve all been led astray!
There is no truth, there is no god!
There never was a way—

Except the way that money talks,
And that’s the way we sell!
And if we find you’re in our way,
We’ll blast you straight to hell!

2017 May 28th, Sun.
Brooklyn, New York


Pansy Browne said...

You know I love your work! I enjoyed your poems.Have you compiled them in a book? If so I will be your first customer. Sell it on Amazon.By the way Doug is traveling as usual LOL

Arjun Janah said...

Hi Pansy.

This was a rather bleak piece.

I have no plans to publish these poems. I am happy if some of the relatives, friends, coworkers and others I send them to read them on occasion. I wish there was a way other than my emails--which amount to spam--to send the poems out.

I am glad you have read and enjoyed some of my verses. Thanks so much for your comment.

I wish I could travel like Doug does.

I am subbing every day now in the schools, all over Brooklyn. It does get me out of bed, and it does allow me to meet and interact with children and adults (no matter how transiently).

Surprisingly often, it even allows me to practice my profession--which has been teaching, for most of the last four decades--although one should beware of being caught, by supervisors, and even by some fellow teachers, in the act of teaching. That is an unforgivable transgression, but fortunately more so for regular teachers than for subs.

I find myself one-day with an AP Calculus class, the next day with a pre-K class at naptime, and the next day with autistic and Down Syndrome's kids whom I instruct on how to make paper butterflies. I even had a Physics class one time.

Most of the classrooms no longer have a chalkboard or a whiteboard one can write on with chalk or a dry-erase marker. So I borrow poster paper, where I can, and write on these. You'd be amazed at how much this helps, in classes that have at least some sincere students.