Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In April, See the Tulips Blow

In April, See the Tulips Blow

Do listen to the cooing dove,
And listen to the songs of love.
In April, see the tulips blow
And see the sky of spring above.

From sources that we do not know
There comes at times this gentle flow.
It whispers kindness, caring, love—
And as it came, it then can go.

We still remember what it said,
Those things that each of us should know.
So when it's gone, from heart and head
We sing these gentle songs instead.

2016 May 11th, Wed
Brooklyn, New York

This was written after listening to the first of these two
Celtic bards:

Donovan (Donovan Philips Leitch):  Catch the Wind

Ralph McTell:  The Streets of London

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