Friday, May 2, 2014

Oh What to Do?

Oh What to Do?
I saw a tulip blooming red
Beside an apple tree.
For just a while, I thought that you
Were once again with me.

I saw a cloud go floating by
Upon a sea of blue.
For just a while, it seemed that I
Was once again with you.

I heard a bird that warbled loud
Upon a cherry tree.
For just a little while, I thought
You walked again with me.

I saw, through clouds, a shining moon
That slowly swam in view.
For just a little while, it seemed
I walked again with you.
It’s spring again, and days and nights
Are blessed by the season’s grace.
But everywhere, I hear your voice
And see again your face.

The scent of jasmine in the night,
Of roses in the day,
Bring back to mind those days and nights
Before you went away.

Oh what to do in springtime, when
The tulips are in bloom,
Except to shut myself away
Within a darkened room?

For if I venture out, I see
The sun and moon and sky.
And then I ask myself, why you
So early had to die…

Oh what to do in spring, I ask,
When you are all around,
And yet, although I call and seek,
Are nowhere to be found?

They think I am a madman, who
Is talking to the sky.
And all I seem to say is this –
Oh why, oh why, oh why?

2014 May 2nd, Fri.
Brooklyn, New York


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