Friday, October 4, 2013

Ted and Sarah – and Bachmann and Rhee

Ted and Sarah – and Bachmann and Rhee
I studied mathematics, science, seeking for the truth,
And traveled halfway 'round the world, to this, the U.S.A.,
Believing that I'd learn yet more, in verity's pursuit.
But after thirty-seven years, the truth is far away.

For here's a land, where people think that Jesus spoke in English,
The U.N.'s bent on world control, with helicopters black,
Obama is an atheist, a socialist, and Muslim,
And soon enough, their Jesus, speaking English, will be back.

And as for mathematics, science, although they still are extant,
These precious zones of sanity, in a world that's ruled by madness,
Are penetrated now by things, which are the opposites
Of reason, moderation, truth – as every day I witness.

And though we haven't brought back kings and slavery and serfdom,
And witches aren't being burned or devils exorcised,
You wouldn't know that from the things to which we've grown accustomed,
From which, returns of all those things might sadly be surmised.

Republicans would like us all to work until we die,
With others on the way to take our places on the cheap.
The Democrats throw workers bits and pieces of the pie,
While bowing deep to those who sit on dollars that they heap.

I've taught for twenty years and six in a borough close to Gotham,
And the madness of that city can be witnessed even here,
But the ones there with the power and the money and their “got 'em!”
Have no inkling about Brooklyn, even though it's sitting near.

There are those who speak for workers but have never labored much,
There are those who say they're patriots as they cheer for every war.
There are those who say, “The children!” but have never gobbled lunch
While staring at a clock, in sites where toilets may be far.

And I've seen the wars that issued from the ones who have the power,
The wars that were on lands afar and those within our borders.
And everywhere, the in-betweens could only die or cower,
For bosses knew that underlings obey, alas, their orders.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia,
Americas – South and Central, Granada and Panama,
Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan
Again – and Pakistan and Syria and Yemen...

So many wars, so many lives and nations blown asunder!
And even more of wars to come, for which McCains are thirsting.
More wars abroad, more wars within, with Klein and Rhee and Duncan
As generals, with Bloombergs and Obamas giving orders.

Michelle Rhee

We have had the War on Cancer and we've had the War on Drugs,
And they've each been so successful that we've wanted even more.
There's the War against the Terrorists, who once had been our thugs,
And the War against the Workers – but we've been through that before.

As a teacher, as a worker, I have seen it from below,
From the trenches, from the classrooms, where the feces from above
Have been landing, as the anuses are blasting ever more.
And yet, we are expected to be paragons of love.

Reformers and deformers – and they often are the same –
They fill us up with slogans, and we know that it's a game.
But we follow still our orders, and we rarely stop for shame,
And we're always on the lookout, for another one to blame!

What little do the powers, playing politics in D.C.,
Or the wealthy, in their penthouses in Manhattan,
Or Bloomberg, living mostly in Bermuda, know or care
About the ones who work – across the oceans – or the Hudson?

There's populism rising here, in this, the U.S.A.,
But mostly, it's the populism-right, of Sarah Palin,
That of Bachman, of Tea Baggers, of Rand Paul and Teddy Cruz,
With “Occupiers” ousted – and Obamacare for railing.



Congresswoman and former Presidential Candidate Michele Bachman

And the Empire, it is growing, though we've all been paying dear.
And the drones, they still are flying – and we find the N.S.A.
Has grown to be omniscient – a global eye-and-ear
That sees and hears what you and I are doing every day.

And tragedy has comedy embedded deep within,
And comedy is tragic when the jokers deal in death.
It's yang within the yin within the yang within the yin.
And so it was when Teddy and our saucy Sarah met.

Senator Ted Cruz and former Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin
A boy meets a girl and a girl meets a boy,
And that's all there is in the end, it is said.
And there's whoopee and there's fighting – it's a pleasure, it's a joy,
Then there's babies  –  and at times, we may even think to wed.

Conservatives say Liberals are looser in their morals,
But Liberals say Conservatives, with money, are too tight.
And who is wrong and who is right, I leave for others' quarrels.
From both of them, I run away, when either heaves in sight.

On coming home from work, I saw a party on the street.
The beer was flowing freely, and the franks were roasting well.
And I could hear some singing – and, although it wasn't sweet,
It had a sort of rhythm – and a story, too, to tell.

“America, America – we mean the U.S.A.!
What matters it, if continents are named for this our land!
Our Mormons say that Jesus came and took our sins away.
We're red and white and blue!  What else is left to understand?

“Oh welcome, to the U.S.A., where you can earn your dollars.
And you'll never have enough of those, although you work your ass off!
And so, whatever be your hue, in politics or collars,
You'll fall for scams, as did the ones, who fell for Bernie Madoff!

“Our Limbaugh roars on radio, O'Reilly riles 'em daily!
Reality is distant, as the crazies lead the crazed!
Some nurse their dumbness dourly, while others flaunt it gaily,
And even though we're clueless, we blunder on unfazed!”

Rush Limbaugh and the flag


Bill O'Reilly,  intimidating

I heard – and hung my head awhile and trudged upon my way,
And thought, “There still are things to praise in this forsaken land,
For though it seems that blindness rules throughout the U.S.A.,
There still are those, of sanity, who see and understand."

But surely, long before we see again the light of dawn,
This night will darken even more – and karma, long in baking,
Will slowly rise and overflow, and all will then be gone
Of Empire and of posturing – in darkness of our making.

And who'll remember then our Ted, who'd mounted over Palin?
And who'll remember then Michele and others of her kind?
And will there be a Limbaugh – or O'Reilly with his railing?
Obamacare, we still might have – or still retain in mind.

2013 October 3rd Wed. morning, 4th night & 5th morning.
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn


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